Characterization of an endogenous substrate related to insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I receptors in lizard brain.


Lizard insulin receptors are evolutionarily highly conserved. Wheat germ agglutinin-purified brain membranes demonstrate the presence of an endogenous substrate (pp 105) for both the insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I receptors. Both insulin and I-insulin-like growth factor-I stimulate the phosphorylation of this endogenous substrate in a dose-dependent manner. Following insulin-stimulated autophosphorylation of the beta subunit, there is a lag period of about 5 min prior to observable phosphorylation of the endogenous substrate. Phosphoamino acid analysis of both the beta subunit as well as pp 105 reveal primarily phosphotyrosine in both the basal as well as the stimulated state.


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