A glove-based gesture recognition system for Vietnamese sign language


In this paper, we address a development of a glove-based gesture recognition system for Vietnamese sign language. A sensor glove is attached ten flex sensors and one accelerometer. Here, flex sensors are used for sensing the curvature of fingers and the accelerometer is used in detecting a movement of a hand. Depending on the hand's postures, i.e., vertical, horizontal, and movement, sign language of letters of the Vietnamese alphabets can be divided to category 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Firstly, the hand's posture is recognized. Next, if the hand's posture belongs to either category 1 or category 2, a matching algorithm is used to detect a letter. If the posture belongs to category 3, a dynamic time warping algorithm is applied. The use of our system in recognizing Vietnamese sign language is illustrated. In addition, experimental results are provided.


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